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  • hullo! streams information for inter/intra-business realtime communication in a way that’s as easy as playing a game.

  • Share data and resources between who needs them and get the information that you need at a glance.

  • Teach hullo to recognize common things like emails & invoices and it automagically helps you create ways for teams to interact with the data.

A Social CRM for Teams

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How hullo! works

Hullo saves everything that comes in as raw text (except for sensitive information), that way it can use a myriad of common algorithms to determine the meaning of each object. However, the best algorithm engine of all is the human mind. Teach hullo to recognize common things and it will automatically help you create ways to interact with the data. From an email to an invoice, hullo helps you and the people you work with solve things faster.

  • Stream Based Collaboration

    Think of hullo as a perpetual waterfall. Everything that comes into hullo becomes a data object that is sent down the waterfall into a stream. You can share streams with your colleagues, or even merge streams with another business, and interact with the data objects. Each object will continue to cycle through the stream until it is told not to.

A Social CRM with Intelligence

What’s different about hullo is that it allows the user to create their own tactics, strategy, and goals, just like a game would. On top of that, it puts it all in a format that’s proven to be user friendly and efficient much like a social network, and there you have it, a social CRM.

Hullo doesn’t rely on purpose driven integrations like most software, although it does support them. Businesses use hundreds of services, and trying to replace them all in a single service is impossible and also unwise. Instead, hullo let’s businesses easily integrate what they use into hullo making switching to hullo easy and fun.


Hullo! Features

It can be used as a personal organizer, task management software, etc. It’s really unlimited.

Unlimited Integration Possibilities

Hullo is wildly flexible and let’s businesses easily integrate what they want to use. No more waiting on custom integrations or an expensive work around.

Real-time Whiteboard Collaboration

Hullo makes it easy to work with your team in a realtime drag-and-drop white board environment to make collaboration organic and fun.

Storage & Search Made Easy

Hullo learns every time it's used for search and storage making it a smart CRM that suggests the right data to be delivered to the right person.

Easy to Customize

Customize hullo for your business. Teach hullo to recognize common things and it will automatically help create ways to interact with the data in the way that's best for you.

Multi-business Friendly

Hullo allows multiple businesses to work together regardless of whether the other business uses hullo or not. Share information across hundreds of platforms.

Dialogue Beyond Calls & Emails

Hullo is the first time that a CRM platform actually opens a 2-way dialogue between businesses and customers beyond phone calls and emails. Let social media work for you.

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Hullo is a prefect platform for a CRM, but it also has unlimited potential beyond just businesses.
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